Vail Custom Builders is poised to lead our clients through the building process. We take their dream, facilitate its design, and ensure it is built to our own rigorous standards. From the start we evaluate potential homesites and properties, analyzing value and identifying risks. Then we facilitate a plan and help assemble the right team of professional designers, consultants, and trade partners to get it all on paper.

Family Great Room Interior Custom Wood


Consistent and clear communication is the thread woven through the fabric of our process.  From our initial introduction, we are fully committed to a transparent working relationship.  We’ll listen to your ideas and help you prioritize your needs.  Throughout the project we conduct weekly meetings, document all decisions, provide written progress reports and engage in ongoing discussions on budget and schedule.  You will always have our direct line, our complete attention and our honest response.  We believe good communication moves projects forward and keeps everyone working towards a unified goal.

Beaver Dam Road Home Building Vail Colorado VCB


The most critical phase of the building process is the preparation phase. Though VCB can plug into your build at any time, by incorporating us early, you ensure an unprecedented level of building expertise is on your side from the start. We help set goals for the project, then conduct research and provide insight on construction feasibility and efficiency.  As the design evolves and develops, we prepare detailed estimates and critical path schedules.  In addition to competitively pricing the project with subcontractors, we investigate value engineering opportunities and present ways of building efficiently without compromising quality or design intent.  Our collaborative pre-construction process enables smart, informed decision making and allows for maximum quality and (we hope) fun.

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Though we’ll conduct the orchestra, you’ll be an integral and informed part of the overall symphony. Our “Built to Last” philosophy means everything to us, which should mean something to you. During construction we manage and control all job site activities.  We implement our quality control and bid qualification systems to ensure everything meets the design specifications and our high standards for quality, efficiency and safety.  We use every one of our resources, both internal and external, to expertly complete your home and keep you informed along the way.

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Vail Custom Builders understands that building a home means building a source of ownership and enjoyment into every project. It is our goal to take the worry out of caring for a home and to provide peace of mind in knowing that it will maintain its value for generations.  In order to transfer the building process from home to lifestyle, VCB offers a host of post-construction services.  From warranty work to general upkeep, special projects, remodels, restoration and repairs, VCB has got you covered.  Heck, we might even reveal our secret powder stashes if you ask nicely?